COVID Update 3

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At Boerne Family Medicine, we are committed to the health and safety of our patients, our staff and our community, no matter the situation.  To that end, we have taken the following measures to continue to care for our patients’ chronic health issues and wellness, as well be a resource for our patients and community for urgent health issues during this coronavirus pandemic.

  1. Re-organizing our schedule to see well visits and follow-up (non-viral sick visits) in the mornings through about 1pm, with instructions for patients who have viral symptoms to remain outside of the clinic during this time.  Included in these visits will also be certain non-well visits such as musculoskeletal or urinary complaints, for example.
  2. Re-organizing our schedule to see acute respiratory and gastrointestinal complaints (50% of coronavirus patients in China presented w/ nausea/vomiting/diarrhea) to the afternoons.  During this time, EVERY PATIENT will be asked to wear a mask.  We will be screening patients with an interview, exam, and performing point of care tests like flu and strep as indicated.  Depending on a patient’s risk and symptoms, we do have VERY LIMITED Coronavirus (COVID19) tests available, and our providers will decide if a patients’ symptoms need this testing.  We are instructed by the CDC and Health Department to use these tests only for those patients at HIGHEST RISK (travel to high exposure area such as areas of Europe, China, NYC, California, etc, as well as severe symptoms plus chronic conditions). As more tests become available, it is our intention to test as many people as possible in order to contain the spread of this virus.
  3. We are now offering Telemedicine appointments, which insurance companies are typically paying for along with a typical copay. These appointments can be for any type visit, sick or well, within reason, and are an especially good option for patients needing to be seen for routine f/u at higher risk of complications due to coronavirus (such as patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, immunosuppression, etc). Call our office to set up an appointment and you will get an email with simple instructions to set up.
  4. To keep the office clean and avoid any viral spread, our providers and staff are doing the following
  • We are disinfecting each room after every visit
  • Multiple times during the day we are disinfecting surfacescomputersphones, and equipment.
  • We are washing hands often, using hand sanitizer before and after every patient (honestly multiple times between), and avoiding touching our face.
  • We are disinfecting the office nightly.
  • Providers and staff are wearing N95 masks in every patient encounter.

We are committed to continuing to care for our patients, both well and sick.  We have been in a state of continual education about this virus for the past few months, including the symptoms, as well as opportunities for treatment and will continue to remain up to date on guidelines.  As always, we remain focused on keeping you healthy with compassion and excellence in medical care.